Thoughts: CORE has been a great experience … yada, yada, yada … I'll skip the usual stuff and move into other things. I'm not likely to forget Drew's contributions to debrief, walking up those jaggedy ass rocks with Thompson, Mountain Dew cans, getting "fresh" with Amanda, the GluttonBowl, Andy hitting the deer with his grill, the never ending descent, beating Duke someplace between here and Utah, the mohawks, Guan's candy corn, my old lady feet, the American flag, the yodels, the Dirty Dozen, the original summit day breakfast, Nathan's sandals and his ability to completely embarrass me in front of sweet old ladies at Elliott's, Bob's crater-sized blisters, the soft pain and the hard pain, Ben's Arizona hat, listening to Jill's brilliant rendition of the butter and bull song, expeditiousness, the pancake experiment, and the amazing amount of knowledge Alan has about anything that has ever happened in the outdoors.

About me: My name is Laura and the things I like to do when I'm not walking around with snowshoes strapped to my back are quilt, cook, swim, play Ultimate Frisbee, sketch and paint, run, golf, cross-country ski, and build houses.

My favorite place: It's a tie - either laying in between the boulders taking a nap at Rodeo Rapid along the Rio Grande or walking along the Red Ridge Trail in the White Mountains.

My other favorites: My favorite food is Phing Sha from Little Tibet, my favorite color is blue, my favorite sport is soccer, my favorite movie is Field of Dreams, my favorite song is Cowboy Take Me Away by the Dixie Chicks, my favorite musician is Louie Armstrong, my favorite vehicle is an old red Ford pick-up, and my favorite person is my little brother.

Future plans: I'm not sure what I want to be when I grow up, but I'll probably be outside either swinging a hammer or teaching kids about trees.

My last thought on CORE: It's been a great semester - I'd recommend it to anyone with an interest in leadership and experiential education. I wasn't prepared for what it was going to be like giving up regular life and diving into such an intense curriculum with seventeen other people or the experiences that would result from such a lifestyle. But I learned a TON about the outdoors, about myself, and about all of you guys. I hope that everyone has a GREAT summer and a FANTASTIC life if you're not coming back in the fall!!! I'd say keep in touch, but I know me and that's not likely to happen. Smiles and cheers.