Finally, I got my left hand and left foot on the ice. Now it's time to leave the rock.

Ouray Ice Park

The ice climbing paradise known for its easy access and various route




Beautiful old town

Spectacular ice gorge

Soothing hot spring

It is Ouray, Colorado

Ice Climbing in Ouray

It was December, 2000. My friend Meiling, Chen-Yu and I went to Ouray to climb some ice. The local expert Mike Gibbs, San Juan Mountain Guides, was our guide for two days. It was lots of fun:





I crossed my hands tring to balance and avoid any sudden move or the tools will come out and hit me on the face!


Mixed route is really fun!

Trying to reach a hold by my ice tool. I was afraid I will break the tool..

Swinging my left tool into the fragile ice. It's weird to rock climb with crampons on...





Yea, I got it...Now, just keep going up


Oh, I am so tired...Take a rest



Photo by Chen-Yu Lu