Do you know?

It's not the questions you'll get in "who wants to be a millionaire", but it's good to know.

Do you know Taiwan has the highest mountain in East Asia (Higher than Japan and Korea)? It is Mt. Jade or called Yu-Shan. Elevation 12,972 feet (3954 M)

Do you know 75% of the island is mountainous terrain?

Do you know there are more than hundreds of peaks over 12,000 feet in Taiwan?

Do you know there are thousands of rivers and creeks that descend from 12,000 feet to sea level in just 20-40 miles? It's steep, very steep.

Do you know rivertracing is called "Su-Hsi" in Taiwan and " Sawanobori" in Japan.

Taiwan is the perfect place for rivertracing. Planning your next adventure? Not Nepal, not South America, come to Taiwan!


Taiwan satellite image

Taiwan map