Da-Lun river tracing expedition. I am not sure if "expedition" is the right word for this trip. Considering the length of the trip,15 days is not very long, but on the other hand, it's little known information (only one Japanese team had been there 6 years ago), dangerious terrian, remoteness, and the nature of of river tracing, I would definately say it deserve the name of expedition.

Before this trip, my longest river tracing experience was 10 days. I told myself then "ten days was my limitation, I don't think I can take it any longer". That was in June, 1996 before I served in the Taiwanese Army.

It was November, 2000. I was in Denver. I called my friend, Adan up in Taiwan and said I am planning to go back to Taiwan and can you arrange a river tracing trip?

He said, no problem, we got the best team waiting for you. It was my first time going back home since I came to US two years ago.

Indeed, we got the best team. It's all about the team. No other activity can represent teamwork better than river tracing. It is also one of the reason that I love it so much. The feel of bonding with your best friends, sharing the experience only they understand.

The pictures and the notes are dedicated to this unforgattable expedition and my dear friends: Adan, Min-Lin, Chen-Hsiu, Yang-Sheng, and California.



We took the train to South-East of Taiwan. We were waiting for the bus to take us to the bridge where we started our journey. Last sight of civilzation, we were eating beetle nuts, drinking home made plum juice, enjoying the country side of Taiwan, not knowing what's gonna happen...



The bridge behind us was the starting point. We put on our gears and ready to go.



The river band was so wide, and the river was so gentle. We strolled heading into the unknown. According to the Japanese team's record, today will be a easy but long long walk.



Beautiful rock formation. Chen-Hsiu, the only female member in the team. She was our chef and also recorded the whole expedition with camcorder. I carried it though..