Curriculum of 2002


Instructor/Leadership Development Experiences

Winter Camping Caving Overnight
Expedition Planning and Preparation Expedition:
24-Hour Experience
  • Rock Climbing
Service Project
  • Mountaineering
  • Summit Mt Ellen
  • Independent Group Travel
  • Canyoneering
  • 48-Hour Solo Experience
  • Final Exit



Instructor/Leadership Skill Development

SOLO Wilderness First Responder Certification NASAR Fundamentals of Search and Rescue
Bradford Woods Adventure Program Staff Training Snow School:
Columbus Youth Camp Facilitator Training
  • Self-arrest
American Canoe Association Basic River Canoe Course
  • Snow protection placement
Instructor Practicum
  • Ice axe use
  • Snow travel techniques



Professional Conferences

Wilderness Education Association National Conference Great Lakes Park Training Institute


Academic Courses

  R279: Outdoor Adventure Education 2 CR R317: Outdoor & Wilderness Program 3 CR
  R317: Wilderness in American Mind 3 CR R317: Outdoor Instructorship 3 CR
  R367: Leisure Program Development 3 CR R399: Practicum in Recreation & Parks 1 CR
  R402: Senior Seminar 1 CR    
  R515: Outdoor & Wilderness Program 3 CR R667: Seminar in Recreation 3 CR
  R515: Wilderness in American Mind 3 CR    
  R520: Organization Leadership of Leisure Services 3 CR