Quote: I think we all did a "good job" and were "really nice to everyone" in making the semester a semester that I will never forget. We will all go our seperate ways but we all will remember the times that we had together. So lets do this right.

Hobbies:Backpacking, Paddling in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Climbing (or at least trying to climb), Having a good 'ol time, Fart tennis

e-mail: agvargo@indiana.edu

Favorite place: The Pallisades on Clearwater Lake, Grand Marais MN

Best memory from CORE: Riding out west in Bloomingberg with all the friends I made during CORE listening to David Allen Coe and talking about life stories.

Favorite quote: "If you're gonna grow up to be a big, big man. You gotta get a little dirt on your hands." -David Allen Coe

Thanks for shopping (Shout out to Justin Summers) because I think that you are delusional (Shout out to Ben Jones) unless you are riding in Bloomingberg (Shout out to Guan, Bob, Nate, Ben T) and I won't forget you Youngblood (Shout out to Orion).

p.s. Shell stations are hard to come by once you get out of Illinois.


-Thats me with Amanda getting annoyed once again.